Casino, a small town in semi-rural New South Wales.
The beef capital of Australia, full of primary industry, pubs and people focused on country life.
This isn’t the place you’d expect to find a sci-fi buff with a knack for super catchy hooks, but then again, Nathan Eggins has always been one to subvert expectations.

Subsisting on a steady diet of 90s alternative rock and grunge throughout his formative years, little did he realise he was also being influenced by the greats of his parents’ generation (such as The Eagles, Beach Boys, Doobie Brothers, Michael Jackson, The Seekers) and, opening up to far more over time, he now calls upon a myriad of differing artists’ styles to curate his own.

An early passion for science fiction and astronomy naturally led to a fascination with all things science and, in time, a yearning to share this with others.
Combining these two along with his love for comedy and satire appears a completely inevitable move in retrospect, but of course it’s always easy to see patterns in hindsight.

Why did he choose the name “Conspiracy of One“?
Was it the title of an album by one of his influences? A hilariously juxtaposed paradoxical term that suited his sense of humour? (By definition a conspiracy involves two or more people), or could he just not resist a good play on words for his solo project?
The moniker suited his one-man mission to encourage interest in the scientific process, critical thought  and positive change through enjoyable danceable music that ponders the mysteries of the human psyche while satirising dubious paranormal, alternative and conspiracist claims, ultimately holding a slightly askew mirror to ourselves to spark new perspectives on the universe (or possibly multiverse, further research pending).

Performing solo and self-releasing a number of EPs in his home area throughout the 2010s taught him the skills needed for continued success and whet his appetite for more, which saw him move to Brisbane in 2016 to establish a presence and pursue further opportunities.
While his science/satire angle has always held a place in his previous work, only more recently has this been the upfront and direct focus of what Conspiracy of One is all about. This process of self-discovery is one that can only happen through experience, mistakes, achievements and most of all, time.

With his artist identity and direction now firmly in order, 2019 has seen Nathan building a live band, touring interstate, recording and releasing a new single with further releases and touring planned and continuing to build his profile within the greater music community.

2019 is set to be an exciting year and is just a taste of the big bang that is to come.