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Whether you’re going out on the town or just keeping the elements off your back, do it in style with a t-shirt or tank top!
Colours may appear slightly different in real life, but they’ll still look awesome.



Officially released original music, carefully crafted over many years using only the finest ingredients.


This is something incredibly important and personal to me, there is no set price.
From the beginning I’ve always let each individual person decide for themselves how much to pay for my music.

So the choice is yours, if you decide it’s worth a million dollars, I won’t argue with you.

Yes. You can find Conspiracy of One on your favourite platform by going here.
I will always appreciate people adding me to their playlists, following me etc on streaming.

If you want to support me in a more direct way I welcome you to buy the physical copies of my music (or other merch).
From the True EP onward I’ve started including extra content and easter eggs as a way to encourage and thank those who choose to still support physical media. To me, there’s no digital substitute for owning a real-life copy of something.
And of course the absolute BEST way to support me is by coming to live shows and enjoying yourself.