Conspiracy of One’s first full-band EP, and third release overall.
‘Too Good to be True?’ was released in late 2017 and officially launched with the 2018 “Tour good to be true“.

Included tracks:
1. See Food Diet (2017 NCEIA Dolphin Awards finalist in Pop)
2. Just a Theory
3. Doom and Groom
4. Don’t Try this Mindset at Home
5. It MUST be True! (2017 NCEIA Dolphin Awards finalist in Rock)

Themes: Attitudes toward food from a “first world” perspective; a tongue-in-cheek embrace of Intelligent Falling; critique of overly extravagant weddings and the industry who encourage it; pornography; con artists, charlatans and their prey.


Available on CD and digital download (in high quality WAV or MP3 format). Click the play button below to listen to a preview.
As with all of my music, you choose the price you think it’s worth.

(N.B. For those with physical copies, you will notice this EP was originally released under the name “Sentient Life” and has since been changed to “Conspiracy of One”. Only the name has changed, the sound, website/email and people involved are still the same).

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