The human immune system is incredible. Adapted and revised over countless generations, it protects our bodies from many threats every single day. Unfortunately, not everyone’s immune system has the same level of effectiveness. Some people have an ‘immunodeficiency’ (a.k.a. ‘immunocompromised’) and are unable to enhance theirs via vaccines (overall, one of the greatest achievements in health and medicine so far), therefore are more prone to what are normally preventable illnesses.

Since November 2019 I’ve been developing a board game centred around the concept of herd immunity, which is also the name of the game.
It’s still in development, but I wanted to share with you the basics of how it works. (Please note that all images are placeholder for the prototype version only, and will be updated/finalised at a later date).

First, I’d like to introduce you to…


Little Timmy

Timmy is immunocompromised and can’t receive vaccines, therefore is vulnerable to infections that are normally preventable via vaccination.
He’s the centre of the board and the focus of all players, who must try to help or harm depending on their role.


Player roles

Starting on any red corner space, Disease infects every person they land on as they move about the board with a red token.
Their ultimate goal is to infect the people around Little Timmy (green spaces) and/or Timmy himself.

Starting on a blue space, the Doctor vaccinates every person they land on as they move about the board with a blue token.
Because Timmy can’t be vaccinated himself, the Doctor’s ultimate goal is to vaccinate the people around Little Timmy (green spaces) to achieve herd immunity for him to be protected from infection.

Once a space has been vaccinated, they can’t be infected (disease can’t land on a blue token), and vice-versa, once a space is infected the doctor can’t land on a red token, so there is some strategy involved in blocking the other player.

Once you’re comfortable with the core game mechanics you then move onto…


The full game board

On the full board, you have Disease and Doctor, plus a third player…

Starting on a yellow space, the Anti-Vaxxer blinds every person they land on with fear and misinformation by adding a yellow token.
Their ultimate goal is to stop the Doctor from winning by preventing the Doctor from vaccinating the people around Little Timmy (green spaces).
Once a space is blinded using a yellow token, that person refuses the vaccine, so the Doctor can’t land on them. However, they’re still vulnerable to infection and the space can be converted by Disease.

Landing on an orange space prompts the player to pick up a card that will help or harm them, or may help or harm another player. These cards shake things up as the game progresses.
There are other additions to the game I’m testing out as well.


When is it available?

Being in development and still play testing, not quite yet. I’m considering some options on how best to get this project off the ground when it’s ready, so I’ll be keeping you updated on its progress!

Creating games is an exciting new avenue I’m exploring in my life, and one I’m looking forward to following.
And don’t worry, I’ve still been writing new music!


Further announcements to come too!