Where oh where have the last 8 months gone? Not only have I managed a tonne of progress, but in doing so it seems I managed to neglect my news posts, so here we are once again!
There’s too much to cover in one go, so here’s a quick recap of the second half of 2019, with more detailed posts on the way. You can also look back on my facebook and instagram accounts (or search @conspiracyofonesolo), as I’ve at least been keeping those up-to-date.



Are aliens among us?

The scientific consensus is a resounding “no“, but that doesn’t stop the idea of life elsewhere in this vast universe from inspiring wonder, art and even scientific progress.
Which brings us to my latest single ‘We’re All Aliens, Baby’ released in Nov 2019. I started the release process of this before ‘Don’t Forget to Like!‘ was even out, so I was straight out of the release cycle of one single and into another. There’s plenty of backstory with this song, so it will be the next news story to come.

By the way, it’s been released and you can listen to it on your favourite music service by clicking this convenient link!
I’d love to hear what you think of it.


Back to Melbourne

I made a second trip to Melbourne in December as part of the release tour for ‘Aliens’ and also to be a part of Skepticon, a meeting of fellow lovers and communicators of science, psychology, rationalism and critical thinking, otherwise known as ‘skeptics’. Over 2019 I’ve become more involved in the movement and so this naturally seemed the place to be, the fact that it coincided with my quirky little science fiction song about aliens would have seemed like fate if I believed in such a thing.


Brisbane single launches & the band

The launch for ‘Don’t Forget to Like!’ at the Zoo in July was nothing short of incredible. It was the first official debut of my new live band and it went off with nary a hitch, I couldn’t have been happier than I was that night. Working with the band over the last year has been truly exciting and is definitely heading toward where I’ve wanted my music to be for years.

For me 2019 culminated in my headline show at Black Bear Lodge on the 18th Dec. It was the end of my second tour of the year and the official launch of ‘Aliens’. It was also the first test bed for some of my ‘value-add’ ideas that I’ve been toying with over the last year to make my headline shows more fun, interesting, engaging and something people would remember.
The main attractions that garnered plenty of positive feedback were the custom sciency cocktails (which I’ll be doing again in the future because of how well they were received), and…


Everyone on board?

That’s right, I’ve been making my own board games!
Incorporating games into my live show is an idea I’ve been working on in my mind for over a year. The goal is to spur thought, perspective and creativity in a fun hands-on way, and what I’ve developed so far seems to be heading in the right direction.

One of these games, called ‘Herd Immunity’, is a stand-out, and with so much wonderful reaction and feedback on it so far, I’ve decided to develop it further into a finished product, which will be a major project for me this coming year. There’s definitely a whole post worth of content there so it will have its’ own news story in the coming months.


Find a place to make your stand, and take it eeeeasy
– The Eagles

An unfortunate consequence of so much hard work throughout 2019 was exhaustion, and so during Jan-Feb this year I took a small step back, not entirely, but enough to recharge my batteries and focus on some other aspects of my life that I’d neglected, and boy I needed it! That said, I’m now ramping up for what’s coming this year and next, no spoilers just yet though!
(EDIT: Aaaannnnd then COVID-19 hit the world, and wouldn’t you know it, not a single self-proclaimed psychic saw it coming).


On another note, for those of you who do read these posts of mine, thank you.
While they have a purpose for me, both to catalogue my progress and also as a form of catharsis, I’m doing them as much for you as I am for myself. Don’t be shy about leaving me a comment or sending me a direct message so I know you’ve read and/or enjoyed my ramblings.



See you out there in the ‘verse!