This quick update I have a couple of announcements that I’m stupendously excited to reveal (“Stupendously”? Yes, I’ve been raiding the thesaurus again). Since the start of the year I’ve been refining my image and direction and continuing my positive momentum by working hard on some new projects to take my career further, the first of which is…


I have a new live band!

No longer will I only be performing solo at live gigs! I’ve been collaborating with some talented people over the last few months and I now have a dynamic band consisting of a number of select performers which I can tailor to each show. Sometimes I’ll play as a 3-piece, sometimes I’ll expand it to 5 members for a larger show (or more! The bigger the show, the bigger the band), and of course I’ll still be playing solo where appropriate. The key point is that I now have many more options than I did before.

So who else is in the band? Whoever suits the show being played, Conspiracy of One (“CoO”) is still my solo project after all so it’s essentially the stage name for Nathan Eggins. I’m fortunate enough to have multiple players on my roster so the lineup for each gig will be “Conspiracy of One (me) and band” whoever that may be on the day (hence what the others faces being blurred is meant to convey in the above image).

Part of the reason I’ve waited until now to expand the lineup is that I was waiting for the right people, and partly because I was previously stuck in the mindset that “CoO” was and would only ever be a strictly solo affair. A few of you may remember my foray into the differently-named but ultimately similar project “Sentient Life” around 2017-18 (more story on that here). It wasn’t until I’d broken myself out of that stubborn classification for my projects that I truly started to think of Conspiracy of One as being what it is now.

Lastly, before you get the unoriginal idea to tell me the joke “you should be called conspiracy of four” or some variation thereof……Don’t……Just don’t. I can promise only scathing sarcasm as a response.


New single on the way

I’ve also taken a step back into the studio to record a new song of mine “Don’t Forget to Like“.
It’s a fun catchy tune that I’m as proud of as all my others and so far it’s been received well live, which I’m hoping should translate nicely to the recorded version.

More content and news about that coming as we go ahead!


One more surprise

Too many things to announce in just one news post, I’ve got some further planning to do before I reveal the next big thing, but rest assured, it’s coming!



Stay tuned for more soon!