Having a goal without a clear path to get there can be incredibly frustrating and it can be difficult to plot a course through these unknown waters of vague abstract concepts. It’s only when breaking them down into smaller manageable problems that they can be approached.
This will be a short update, but I wanted to let you all in on where I currently am in my own head space.

Over the last few months I’ve taken a long hard look at myself as an artist, what I do and what I have to offer. It’s always an ongoing process but I’m now working to properly define who I am, where I want to be and why. Figuring out one’s identity is something that can really only be done over time, but it’s absolutely worth doing.
“Winging it” will only get you so far, and breaking out of old habits that aren’t working can be tough, but indeed rewarding. This year I’m learning much more about the music industry and how to navigate it, and most importantly I feel a strong sense of momentum which I intend to carry forward with me into the future!


So what’s changing?

Over the next couple of months you’ll see changes to this site, my social media and my image overall to reflect this newly defined direction. As I said, it’s always a work in progress, but after many years of trying different things I’m finally sure of who I am as an artist and a person, who my target audience is and what I want to accomplish with my career (more of that below).

To be a professional artist is about so much more than just writing songs. If the goal is to be played on radio/popular playlists and able to play larger and larger shows both locally and internationally then knowing your identity and direction is hugely important, as this helps guide you where to go, who to work with and especially how to direct your finite time, energy and money.


Other big projects in the works!

No big spoilers just yet, but let’s just say I’m adding some new people to my team and have big plans for 2019 that involve more than just Brisbane!


So who am I?

Self-reflection can be invaluable, I can now define the purpose and direction of my music as a whole, which can be summed up with “encouraging interest in science and critical thinking through fun quirky music“. A simplified description for sure, but that’s the basic premise of what Conspiracy of One is all about.

Why? There are many topics that interest me greatly and so these naturally come out in my songs.
– Science: Fact, fiction and fiction masquerading as fact.
– The fascinating world of human psychology, how people think and what makes them tick; what creates, reinforces and entrenches beliefs, ideals and prejudices; and looking at modern society through that lens to draw interesting conclusions.
– I love learning new things, and ultimately that’s what I want my songs to promote: new ideas, new perspectives, new approaches.

These are things I’m passionate about, and I write about them in a quirky way because I like to be different.
Winning a Grammy or appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone isn’t something I expect to happen, especially when I intentionally strive to be contrary to the norm (although I think having my own asteroid would be kind of cool). But making a living from playing music? Making people happy and creating positive change in the world? That’s what it’s all about for me.

In my own way I want to help people. Whether I’m the catalyst for someone becoming interested in this world of science and skepticism; or I may help somebody to think twice before signing up to a pyramid scheme or being sucked in by a quack; or if I just make someone laugh, cry or feel genuine emotion that enriches their life, then my work is done.
I don’t see myself as anyone’s hero, I’m just a guy writing weird songs and I’m figuring out life as I go, but if I can affect your life in some positive way, then isn’t that what we all strive for?

Ultimately, even though I must view music as a product (if I want to make a living from it), I see it as art first, and art has always been instrumental in expressing new ideas and helping to drive civilisation forward. If I can make some small contribution to that, then it’s worth the effort.
If that happens, will I have “made it“? Maybe. Will I be happy and fulfilled? Absolutely!