I’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lately as I’ve taken a step back to re-evaluate my priorities and how I could push my music career better.
What do I mean my this exactly?… Well, first a little background.


What’s the meaning of (Sentient) Life?

This may be an insight into how silly the human brain (or at least, mine) can be sometimes.

For nearly ten years now I’ve been playing under the name “Conspiracy of One” (CoO) and for a lot of that time it’s been my primary original vehicle and the project that I’ve put the most effort into pushing.
I said from the start that CoO is strictly a SOLO project, and anything original that I do with a band should be under a different name.
Why? Maybe I just couldn’t shake the idea that a project called “Conspiracy of One” should only ever be one person. However I justified it, that’s what made sense to me at the time.

It was from this distinction that the “Sentient Life” (SL) name came about, and you’ll have noticed me pushing that name alongside CoO for the last couple of years.
The problem with doing it this way is that I was, in some areas, doubling my workload and creating unnecessary and redundant channels that most people had no idea were connected to my other work.

I kept telling myself that despite the downsides, it would be worth it in the long run because I wanted each project to stand on its’ own, and it’s taken me these few years of trying it this way to accept that it’s really not worth the extra effort because:

Similarities between the two projects?

  • The same songs,
  • being written by the same person,
  • in the same styles and satirical humour.

Differences between the two projects?

  • The names,
  • whether I perform and record them solo or with a band.

That’s all…

It’s amazing what you can convince yourself of about why you do something a certain way or why you assign importance to something that in the overall scheme of things really doesn’t matter that much, and this is definitely an example of my stubbornness getting the better of me. I don’t completely regret trying it this way, because even in defeat we learn important lessons, and I’d rather have given it a try, than to not have tried at all.


What happens now?

As of now, I’ll be retiring the “Sentient Life” name and merging it with CoO. Conspiracy of One is still my original solo project, and a lot of my shows will still be solo, but I’ve now come to peace with the idea of opening it up to having other people be involved in the performance and recording side of it. It only took 10 years!

The digital version of the True EP as well as any future Buddy t-shirts will be renamed to CoO, with the physical CDs being re-labelled.
As for any CDs, t-shirts and any other SL-branded merch that already exists, well I guess they’re now collector’s items! Limited stocks, buy now!

I’ll be keeping this website as “Sentient Productions” as this is still my umbrella for everything I do as a musician, present and future, and now I guess it’ll be a little homage to what I tried to do with SL.
Even if it doesn’t seem like that big a thing, this has been a huge deal to me over the last few years.

So it looks like Sentient Life is no more, at least for now, you never know what the future may hold!


The world of tomorrow!

It’ll take me a little while to merge, retire and re-brand everything so I’ll be busy with that as well as the usual gigs and some behind the scenes work that I’ll give you all an update on soon.

More excitingly, I have a big project slated for later this year that I’m getting closer to revealing, but it needs more work done on it first.


So until the next one, bye!