Just a quick update.
By now you’ll be seeing most of what used to be labelled as “Sentient Life” now re-branded to “Conspiracy of One’.

I’ve also decided to use the “beam me up” promo photo for the main banner on this site, as it was too cool to just get rid of.
So there you go, a little bit of Sentient Life will live on!


The ‘beam me up’ promo photo.
Photography by David Andreas.


The digital versions of the True EP cover art have been changed and I’m looking into options about changing the hundreds of physical copies I have sitting here.
Quick, buy them now while they’re still collector’s items so that I can get some new ones pressed!


I’m working on changing the name on the True EP Buddy t-shirts too, I’m just trying to decide on a font that suits.
Again, you can still buy the existing SL-branded shirts as collector’s items!


One thing that took a little while was re-uploading content onto my existing CoO Youtube channel and getting rid of the other channel I was trying to make.
At the end of the day I suppose most people won’t care what the name of the channel is, as long as there’s only one instead of many.

I’m also due to migrate over any relevant content from my other SL-branded socials and shut them down.


There’s never enough time in the day…