Remember I kept teasing some big things on the horizon? Here’s one of them.


I’m now on the major streaming platforms

It’s taken me a while to get on board with music streaming. Partly because I don’t do it myself and aren’t that involved in the workings of it, but mostly for the fact that I don’t agree with the business model of offering the artist, the person actually creating the music, minuscule fractions of a cent for it.

Of course the first answer to that is: “If you don’t like it, then don’t use it”, which I’ve held to and is the main reason I’ve let that particular bandwagon roll on by. However, the more people that DO use it, the more it becomes this unstoppable juggernaut that overshadows everything else to the point that it’s seen as silly NOT to be a part of it.


I can understand and appreciate the incredible deal that the end user gets and why it’s become so popular. They can finally have (almost) all of their music in one place whenever and wherever they are as long as they have an internet-capable device (and let’s face it, who even goes more than a metre without theirs today?). They can find new music (or have it chosen for them) with ease, and even find these artists’ live shows and buy tickets all from the one app.
All this for a low, low price of $”not much” per month.

My issue isn’t that users are getting a great deal, I’m happy for that to be the case and I like that music and artists are more easily accessible than ever.
My problem is that it seems to come at the expense of the artist. If you make music worth (almost) nothing, then people don’t value music.


I realise there are much more in-depth pros and cons and that this isn’t exactly a new issue. This argument has been going on in one form or another since internet file sharing became popular, though this is different in that artists now have to willingly offer their music for next-to-nothing just to be seen.
I know I’m not going to change anything by having my little rant, but at least it’s a tad cathartic.


Long story short… If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

So here I am.
I even made this simple button so you can find me on all of the main streaming platforms.


So please, go and listen to my music, add it to your playlists and stick it on repeat forever. Keep that up and in 600 years I’ll be able to retire and buy that island I’ve always wanted!

Really though, the main thing I want is for my songs to be heard, so if being a part of the machine accomplishes that goal, maybe it’s not so bad.
And if you truly want to support me, I have some merch in the store, and/or come to a live show where we can enjoy each other’s company as good old fashioned human beings.


More anti-social media


I’m also now on Instagram and Twitter because again, you kind of need to be these days.
Click the icons above to go to my pages and throw them a like, or a follow, or a whatever it’s called.

As much as I may snark about social media, I do appreciate every one of you who has chosen to follow me on there.


 Another BIG announcement coming soon!

I’m almost ready to officially reveal something exciting!!
What could it be? Stay tuned!!