My my, it’s sure been a full-on start to this new year of ours.

Just a short update here, I admit I’ve been falling a little behind on things as Nov-Jan is generally my busiest time of year for live performance.
While there’s quite a backlog of work on my to-do-list (content, marketing, demo recording, writing etc.), I now have a little more space to work with because…


Like a hermit crab

I’ve moved house, again, and during the hottest time of year too (I’m glad summer is finally over!).
I’m now living in a great place and an even greater head space which has me excited about the future!


New material

I’ve also been putting more focus into writing lately. Within the last two months alone I’ve written two new songs and completed a third that’s been on the drawing board since 2016. This is fantastic news because as I’ve said before, I would normally take months on average to write an entire song.
I’m proud of these new babies and I hold them to the same standard of quality that I do the rest of my work. They’ve all gotten positive feedback from live crowds too, which is a good sign!

I’m aiming to get some of these and other new songs recorded some time this year, for both Sentient Life and Conspiracy of One┬áso keep an eye out for that!


Looking forward

Other than that, it’s new year, same dream: “Keep trying to make it as an original musician in a gargantuan, fickle and ever-changing industry without compromising your morals“.
Should be a piece of cake…

Make sure you check my upcoming shows to see all the places I’ll be making music at in the future.
I’ve also got a couple of big things in the planning stage, but those will stay under wraps until they’re a little more set in stone.


See you soon!