As another year rolls to a close, there comes a time when most of us can’t help but look back at our ups and downs and the things that drove us in our last lap around the sun. So in that vein, let’s take a glance in the rear view mirror at the major milestones of my year gone by shall we?


Maximising Space and Time

Early this year I finally made the move (pun intended) to living solo after having quite a negative experience with house sharing previously. It would be an understatement to say that I love it and in hindsight, getting my own place is something I should have done years ago. I don’t necessarily regret most of how these events turned out last year, because how we deal with our failures and bad experiences helps us to grow and ultimately become stronger.
After spending some time in my new dwelling it’s clear just how much one’s environment can affect their overall mood and productiveness, and I find myself with a much more positive outlook than 12 months ago, which in turn has seen me thrive.

I’ve been shaking things up behind the scenes too, streamlining my work and thought processes by focusing entirely on one project rather than multiple (for more about that, read the news post here), and more recently have finally figured out how to define who I am, what I do, and where I want to go, which is instrumental in stepping up to the next level.
I feel this is partly thanks to the fact that I’m far more comfortable where I am and can now fully focus my energy toward career goals.

To read more about my newly defined identity and direction, check out the revamped PRESS and BIO sections.



This year has been incredibly productive for me in terms of both the number and quality of songs completed or worked on. The turmoil of the aforementioned bad times of yesteryear helped to bring about a few new songs early on in 2018. I love how the process of songwriting, thinking about how to put your thoughts into words/lyrics can be cathartic and a great way to work through emotional baggage.

As I got more comfortable in my physical and mental space I was able to focus my attention again on getting back to what I do best, which is finding new and inventive ways to get people interested in science, rational thinking and social issues by wrapping them up in a fun and accessible way. I now have some new material that I’m very proud of which you may have heard already if you’ve seen me play live recently.


First tour

As you may have seen or heard in the last few months, I went on the road to play my very first tour in September this year which was a big deal for my growth as a musician and as a person.
Nearly a whole month of travel and shows with just myself, my guitar and my houseplant who I named “Plantonio”. We made our way from Brisbane all the way up to Airlie Beach and back, with plenty of performances, awesome friendly people and new experiences along the way.

There’s more of that to read about here.


Get amongst it!

Another new aspect of my career is that I’ve been putting in a lot more of an effort to get out of the house and immerse myself in the local music and industry scenes. Part of the reason for not pushing this as much until now was down to location, and now that I’m closer to the city this has made things a lot easier. Also it’s easy to get comfortable in certain habits and not push yourself to try new things so now that I’m out of that rut I’m excited to make much more of a contribution and be a positive part of the music scene, both in Brisbane and beyond. (Can you tell I like alliteration?)



To everyone who has supported me this year by coming to my live shows, bought or listened to my music, given your compliments, encouragement and smiles, clicking on my social media things and for actually giving a shit about me and what I do. Your support allows me to do what I love to do. THANK YOU!


What milestones will 2019 hold?

I have some BIG plans for the coming year, and especially now that I have not only some great new material that I’m excited to share, but also a clearly defined idea of who I am and how to approach my goals, the next 12 months is shaping up to be incredibly exciting indeed! I don’t like to give away too much at once, but as a hint I’ll say that you should be seeing and hearing more of me as time goes on!


I hope you all have a good and safe christmas/new year period!