I’m so incredibly excited that I can finally announce something I’ve been planning for quite a while…my guitar and I will be hitting the road next month!! FREE entry to all shows!
I’m also using the tour to give the True EP a proper launch that it never got, which is why I’ve named it the:



Doing a tour is something that I’ve wanted to do for about as long as I’ve been playing music, and while I’ve been seriously considering it over the last few years, I always managed to put it off as being too hard or too much of an unknown.
At the beginning of this year I decided to figuratively pull my socks up and do it. It’s amazing to see that as you sit down and start planning something it turns from a vague, amorphous concept into a tangible obstacle to be overcome.

So after many weeks of phone calls, emails, spreadsheets and legwork, I managed to lock in quite a decent tour of the regional QLD East coast, of which I’m proud. Sustaining motivation can be difficult, especially over the long term, but it’s when plans like this truly come together that I see my effort justified and steels my resolution to start the next one.


Tour locations

I’ll be performing in the following areas:

  • Brisbane
  • Mooloolaba (Sunshine Coast)
  • Bundaberg (also incl. Woodgate)
  • Yeppoon
  • Mackay (also incl. Kinchant Dam)
  • Airlie Beach (also incl. Proserpine)
  • Mt Coolon

If you live, or have friends and family in those areas then you’re all welcome, I’d love to see you!


The face that launched (not quite) a thousand tours

The True EP has had a bit of a rocky start being that I originally planned for it to be under the Sentient Life name, and throughout the period of uncertainty that ultimately led to the retiring of that project the EP itself never got an official launch. So now I have the chance to give my latest baby a proper start while it’s still relatively fresh.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, then there’s still a chance to fix that! Or head to the store to find other merch!



There will be more details about the tour as it gets closer, so stay tuned!