It’s been a busy few months lately!

Between the launch of this website; the official reveal of my new project and latest EP; the NCEIA Dolphin Awards; the usual gigs in both Brisbane and the Northern Rivers and a bunch more behind-the-scenes work, I’ve been flat out like a lizard drinking!


Writing retreat/mini holiday

This weekend just gone I took a few days off and decided to try something new. I picked a spot on the map and headed in that direction. No overarching plans, no accommodation booked, just drive and see where I end up.

Now I like knowing what’s happening, I like having plans, so this weekend was about stepping out of my comfort zone a little and improvising. About unplugging from all the usual stimuli and getting into a different head space for a few days.

I ended up in the small South Eastern Queensland town of Kilcoy, and I have to say I quite enjoyed my time in that area.
As you can see in the above photo, there were plenty of spots like this around Lake Wivenhoe that were perfect to sit and think/play/write and just generally relax for a bit with no one around but kangaroos and birds.
I would have loved to have more photos to show you, but my phone was off for most of the trip, that was the point.

I managed to write a new song too, start-to-finish within two days! This is rare for me, as I usually take a few months on average to complete a song.
My songwriting approach is best described as quality over quantity, spending as much time on each song as is necessary to make sure it’s the best it can be (and of course this happens in-between the usual gigs, work, travel and other everyday obligations that take up my time).

It’s amazing what a few days in a different place with no other distractions can do! I’m excited to start showing off this new song at my live shows and eventually get it down on record. I think it’ll be a winner!


Results from the NCEIA Dolphin Awards

As mentioned in my last news post, I entered two songs from the True EP into a North Coast song competition.
Both songs got to the finals in their respective categories, but in the end they didn’t quite make the cut.

I’m happy to still have gotten as far as I did, and we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for the next song/s I enter.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank my producer and friend Nathan Stanborough, who I’ve worked with on all my releases so far. It’s through his hard work, dedication and genuine interest in my music that has brought these songs to life on record.
Thanks mate!


Behind the scenes

Here’s a look at some of the things I work on in-between live shows.

Video editing: A short introduction to the new YouTube channel (if you’re reading this in the future, never mind about this new channel. All relevant content is here)

This one took about 5 full days worth of work to put together over the course of a couple of weeks (all for a one minute video!).
I even had to do the background videos and overlaying text as separate files because it was too much for the program to handle!

The smaller videos used for the background are from all of my different bands and projects from 2003 up until now. It’s a nice simple way of representing just how much music has been a huge part of my life so far, the variety of what I’ve done, and with the empty spaces, signifying that there is plenty more that I’m yet to create and discover.

The videos include a lot of footage from 13 years worth of playing live, including Conspiracy of One.
There’s footage of recording the True EP for my new project Sentient Life, of which I will be doing some full behind-the-scenes videos on when I get a chance.
And a few older gems include my very occasional duo project with my good friend Josh Wright “Finn & Jake Duo”; my very first high school band “Minor Details” and some footage of me singing with another young local band in 2003.

Can you spot them all and the hidden cat?


Photoshop: Creating backgrounds for released music on YouTube

Video editing: Released music for streaming on YouTube

I offer my music for streaming on SoundCloud and YouTube, but because YouTube is also a visual medium I knocked up some backgrounds for each song.
It’s been a few years since I’ve used Photoshop and I’m having a lot of fun (and frustration) getting acquainted with it again.

I’m currently looking into getting my music onto Spotify too, as that seems to be the only platform people care about these days.


Custom QR codes

Does anyone actually use QR codes?
I’m not entirely sure, but if they do then at least I have some nice looking custom ones!

You’ll start to see these popping up on things from now on.


What’s next?

Sentient Life

With this site up and running, my main undertaking now is to organise the official launch of the True EP.
I’m currently lining up dates and have started work on some of the promotional material, so I’ll be able to announce more about that soon.

Other than that, there are plenty more shows for the rest of this year and I’ve already been booking for 2018 so you’ll see plenty of additions to the list as time goes on.


Until next time, bye!