Welcome reader, to my very own website! I figured it was about time I got one.

Because I currently play live in at least three different projects, and have been working on a few others in the background, I thought it was best to have one site for everything.
I’m sure I don’t need to explain how a website works, you’re smart people, but the basics I wanted to achieve with this site are:
– Information: Bios, photos/video for each active project and news about what I’m currently working on;
All upcoming public shows in one place;
A store, with all my released music and other merch;
Contact info and links to all the relevant anti-social media for each project.


I’m incredibly excited to be not only launching this website but also revealing a new band and CD all in one go!

Sentient Life is my latest project, and one that I’ve been putting quite a large chunk of my time into over the last year and a half to get all the groundwork done. There’s still a whole bunch of content yet to come for Sentient Life (and my other projects too!) so stay tuned.
The very first official live performance of this new beast will be to properly and officially launch the True EP hopefully later this year, which is my next big project to tackle.


I’d also like to make a quick shout-out to Greg, Nick and the team at Your Easy Web Solutions who did a fantastic job building this site, many thanks to you all!

So thank you to those reading this particular post, you are some of the very first people to visit the site that I and the team at YEWS have been working on for the last six-to-eight months (unless you’re reading this post far in the future, and in that case, good on you for digging into the archives!). I look forward to providing you with lots more content, news and cool things as time goes on!

See you soon!